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Frequently Asked Questions

We will be filling this page in as questions pop up.

How often do you do backups?

We do backups every night. You never have to worry.

Where is my data kept? Is it secure?

The data is kept in a secure datacenter in Dallas, Tx, chosen for several reasons:

  • It's central to the United States.
  • It's hosted with a stable company that's been in the data business a long time.
  • Dallas is an area not prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, tornadoes, or any other kind of natural phenomenon that can disrupt normal daily operations.

What kind of scanner can I use?

You may use any scanner that's TWAIN compliant. TWAIN is a tech standard that's been around a very long time, so any printer you currently use is almost guaranteed to work.

The ACORD forms aren't popping up when I click them. What's wrong?

If you're using Chrome, the browser may have popups blocked from the site. Look in the upper-righthand side of the address bar beside the "favorite star." Do you see a rectangle with a red X on it? Click that and enable popups for the domain.