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About Our Company

Way back in 1991, Eddie Price, an entrepreneur by nature, started his own insurance agency, Carolina Insurance, in the small town of Forest City, NC. As the agency grew, Eddie realized that if he was going to continue to grow and service customers the way they deserved to be serviced, he would need to move from the world of paper to the world of technology. He would probably need an agency management system.

He decided what he wanted in a system and off he went . . . exploring all the systems that were out there. It was not long before he came to the conclusion that not only were they expensive, but he was not finding exactly what he wanted in a system. So, he took programming courses and began to develop his own system. He was an insurance agent by day, a programmer by night.

Eddie began using his system in his agency and named it Jenesis, after his daughter, Jenna. It was not long before some of his agent buddies expressed an interest in the system. So, Eddie loaded his truck with a full size PC, a 17-inch monitor and 12 floppy disks, and headed out to demo his product. And, as luck would have it, he sold his first system! Then, another! And before he knew it, a new business had formed. Jenesis Software was incorporated in 1999, and it now is fortunate to have agencies using the system throughout the US.

Jenesis is still based in Forest City, NC. Eddie also still owns his agency, Carolina Insurance, which is operated out of the same building as Jenesis Software. The same care and commitment Eddie has always shown for agency customers is shared by the entire Jenesis team. There is nothing more important than providing personal service and a quality product! Because it’s built by an insurance agent, Jenesis has an incredible foundation that has only gotten better over time.

Our software is our pride and our customers are our passion!

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